To begin planning for a wedding at St. Timothy Church,  please call to schedule a meeting with the Pastor and a wedding date.  Calling at least twelve months in advance is suggested.
♦ Contact Parish Office  859.384.1100 

Bride & Groom

  • The bride or groom do not have to be registered parishioners at St. Timothy but must be parishioners in good standing at another parish to have the wedding in our church.
  • If the bride or groom was previously married and is now divorced, there are a number of issues that must be addressed surrounding the matter of previous marriage. These issues should be discussed during the meeting with the priest.
  • If the bride or groom is not Catholic, a special type of Church permission called a dispensation is required. These situations should be discussed during the meeting with the priest.
  • The bride and groom are both required to participate in the Marriage Preparation Program.  Contact the parish office for information.
    • Meet with the St. Timothy Parish priest or deacon.
    • Participate in St. Timothy Parish’s marriage preparation program “In Faithful Love.”
    • Participate in one of three approved Diocesan Marriage Preparation Programs.
    • Participate in a certified Natural Family Planning (NFP) course series.

Clergy from outside the parish

  • Priests or deacons from other Catholic churches are welcome to preside at the wedding ceremony. Any priest or deacon from another Diocese must be granted permission by the Diocese of Covington.
  • Visiting presiders are expected to attend the rehearsal.
  • If a minister from other denomination is participating in the wedding ceremony, please inform the presiding priest or deacon.

Fees for a wedding ceremony at St. Timothy Church
The wedding fee is $500 (non-refundable).  It helps cover the parish expenses and building maintenance (including heating and air conditioning) as well as the wedding coordinator. It also covers the stipend for the St. Timothy Parish Priest or Deacon.

Date and time for the wedding ceremony

  • On Fridays, weddings can take place any time after 11am.
  • On Saturdays, Sunday Mass is celebrated at 4:30pm. Therefore, daytime weddings must be over and the church must be cleared by 3pm. Saturday evening weddings may begin as early as 6:30pm, however, no one may enter the church to begin decorating or setup until 6pm.
  • Weddings are not scheduled on Sundays.
  • Mass can be celebrated but generally only if both the bride and groom are practicing Catholics.
  • Pictures must be concluded one-half hour after the wedding is completed.

Wedding rehearsals
Rehearsals should take place in church the evening before the wedding, if possible. Wedding rehearsals for Thursdays are scheduled at 6:30pm.  Rehearsals scheduled for Fridays can be at any time. The rehearsal is an important time to practice; all those with a special function in the wedding should attend.

Music during the wedding ceremony

  • Weddings celebrated at St. Timothy should reflect our Sunday celebrations, drawing from and building upon the parish’s musical repertoire.
  • You can contact the St. Timothy Music Ministry Director to plan your wedding music.  If you choose other musicians or vocalists for your wedding, they must contact the music director in regards to using our musical instruments and sound equipment.
  • All musicians and vocalists for your wedding (including the St. Timothy Music Ministry Director) have their own fee schedule. Their fees are not included in the fees for the church or the stipend for the presiding priest/deacon.
    ♦ Contact: Andrew Mason (e-mail )

Wedding ceremony decor
Please refer to Wedding Decor Policies for specific information decorating the church for a wedding. A meeting should be scheduled to plan your wedding decor.

Room to get dressed prior to the wedding
Depending on availability, you may be able to arrange to use a room in the basement of the church or a classroom in the Parish Center building.

Still photography and video/audio taping may be done. Flash photography is not permitted during the ceremony. All equipment should be as unobtrusive as possible so it won’t distract from prayer. The camera or other equipment should be located by the doors to the worship space.  Photographers are not permitted in the sanctuary. At no time should the photographer be in the aisle or in front of the pews including the procession in. Pictures in the church must be completed within one-half hour after the wedding ceremony’s conclusion.

Marriage license
The couple will need to bring their marriage license to the wedding rehearsal. The marriage license can be obtained in any county of the state of Kentucky.  Both parties must be present and supply a state birth certificate.  Please contact the Boone County Clerk .

Brodnick Hall rental
Reservations for weddings can be made one year in advance.
Please refer to the website under Reserving Space for cost and policy information.