• St. Timothy Church decorates with banners, plants and flowers, which reflect the liturgical season of the universal Church.  The liturgical season establishes the color and décor of the church’s interior.  This is especially true during Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.  Because of the importance of these four liturgical seasons, the existing liturgical decorations will remain in place for your ceremony.
  • The liturgical season also controls which banners are hung above the pews.  Your wedding date will determine which banners (if any) are hanging.
  • Additional live floral arrangements can be added to the sanctuary during some liturgical seasons.  The altar is the main symbol of Christ.  Floral arrangements may be placed in front of the altar, and an additional arrangement may be placed in front of, or on the side of the ambo.  The only floral arrangement height restriction is they can be no taller than 30 inches.  Flowers should not obstruct people’s view or paths.  Arrangements can also be placed or added at the front corners of the sanctuary where the processional candles reside.  If you choose additional floral arrangements these can only be placed by the Baptismal font, the Marian statue, in the windows, or hung on the entrance doors.  These arrangements should not detract from the ceremony that takes place in the sanctuary. Please contact the Arts and Environment chairperson to ensure that your floral choices are appropriate and will not compete with possible seasonal arrangements.  In thanksgiving for all your blessings, please consider leaving the floral arrangement in the sanctuary.
  • Decorations may be attached to the pews as long as they are attached without using adhesives.  The use of rubber bands, plastic clips or ribbon is acceptable.  The center aisle has 14 pews on each side.  Decoration should remain at or below the height of the pews.
  • Wedding pictures in the Church must be completed within ½ hour of the ceremony’s conclusion.
  • Additional candles (such as a unity candle) or lights are not permitted in the sanctuary of the body of the Church.
  • An aisle runner should not be used.
  • Throwing birdseed, confetti, rose petals, etc., is not permitted.

Contact Christine Jones (email) to schedule a set-up for your ceremony.