Suggestions & Resources to help you during the Lenten Season

  • Lenten Message of our Holy Father Francis
  • U.S Conference of Catholic Bishops
    Special resources to support your Lenten practices of prayer and daily readings, fasting, almsgiving, confession, and other ways to enhance the observation of the season.
  • A Complete  Guide to the Rules of Lent
    A complete and easy guide to learning and following the fasting and dietary rules and more for Lent from
  • Lent – Word on Fire
  • Homilies,  articles, and blogs from the renowned author, speaker and theologian Fr. Robert Barron.
  • Lent Reflections 
    Sign up for daily reflections from the renowned author, speaker and theologian Fr. Robert  Barron.
  • Best Lent Ever
    Sign up for daily emails with videos, inspirational quotes, and spiritual coaching from best selling author Matthew Kelley.
  • What is Lent?
    Cardinal Timothy Dolan frames the season of Lent by reflecting on our journey back to God.
  • Franciscan Media
    Day-by-Day Lent Reflections *Day by Day through Lent  *Sunday Soundbites *Online Lent Event-live chat *Lenten Radio Retreat *Lent Videos *FAQs about Lent
  • 40 Days for Life 
    Focused pro-life campaign with a vision to access God’s power through prayer, fasting, and peaceful vigil to end abortion.
  • Little Black Book           
    Daily reflections includes a scripture verse and a reflection, plus interesting information such as Catholic customs and traditions,  saint of the day, and historical tidbits.  Available in the gathering space of church while supplies last.
  • Fasting & Abstinence
    Ash Wednesday and every Friday of Lent  are days of mandatory abstinence from meat for Catholics over the age of 14.
    Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are days of fasting (one meal) for all adults age 18 to 59.
At St. Timothy Parish
  • Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament
    Every Tuesday 8:30am – 10:30pm
    First weekend of the month Friday 10:30am – Saturday 4pm.
  • Stations of the Cross
    Every Friday at 7:30 pm in church during Lent
    – April 3:  Passion Play  produced and performed by the Youth Ministry
  • Sacrament of Reconciliation
    Available every Saturday 3 – 4pm or by appointment (859.384.1100).
    Lenten Reconciliation Service:  March 17 at 7pm
    Lenten Reconciliation for PSR and families:  March 25 at 7pm