Dear Parishioners,

At St. Timothy School we started a recycling project for the students. We are collecting CLEAN PLASTIC caps. There will be a collection bin at the school and in back of church where you can drop them off. Once we collect enough caps they will be turned into benches for the school playground. We will have to collect 250 pounds of caps per bench. A group of students is working together to collect, clean and organize the caps. Please tell your friends and family to help collect plastic caps. Thanks for all your help‼


FAVORITE CAPS: (Recycling numbers 2, 4, and 5)Small caps from food grade containers, household items. Snap-on: butter tub, coffee can, yogurt lids, Small twist-off: medicine, drink bottle, milk caps Large Twist: detergent caps Spout: squirt condiment caps Flip Top: Ketchup caps, etc., plastic rings used to connect bulk items

NOT ACCEPTABLE CAPS: Any cap with metal pumps with metal spring inside- as on lotions, Fast-Food Drink caps, No lid or cap over 8” in diameter, Medical Supplies

Go to the ABC Promise Partnership tab at the top of the page

Click the green bar that says ABC Program Information-Products, Prices, Acceptable Caps List (This gives you a PDF, the 4th page is the list we sent home with families)