This committee works toward fulfilling the social teachings of the Catholic Church by promoting healing, restoring hope and affirming human potential. We do this by effectively addressing those in need within our own parish and the greater community to the best of our abilities. We also provide support to many other organizations that aid and comfort those in need.
The committee:

  • Addresses outreach concerns and needs within our own parish and its boundaries.
  • Discusses, develops, plans, and leads outreach activities/events and programs to address and support the needs in our local, national, and international communities, so as to promote outreach awareness and to provide parishioners with engaging opportunities in ministering to the hungry and homeless, the destitute and disadvantaged.
  • Provides support for:
    • Seasonal outreach events: Back to School drive, Thanksgiving Collection, Christmas Giving Tree gift drive, Alternative Christmas, 40 Cans for Lent.
    • Outreach projects with our PSR program, school, and other parish ministries.
    • Grant program: develop outreach activities to connect parishioners’ time and talent with each grant recipient.
    • Monetary funds from the parish tithe to St. Augustine Parish Center at City Heights and the parish chapter of St. Vincent dePaul Society.

This is a discerned committee of six parishioners serving a three-year term and one youth representative who serves a one-year term.
Meetings are the second Thursday of each month at 7pm in the Parish Center.

♦ Contact: Pat Seuberling (e-mail)          859.384.1100 ext 1113