Since 2004, St. Timothy Parish has awarded six grants each year to nonprofit organizations whose services benefit or serve the disadvantaged and poor in the northern Kentucky area.  The grant program offers education about non-profit organizations, an opportunity to connect in service with each grant organization, and a stewardship use of the parish’s money to enhance or grow each organization’s ministry to the needy. The St. Timothy Grant consists of two equally important components:

  • Financial Component
    Each awarded grant is selected for a special project or specific item(s) of need that will enhance or grow the applicant’s service to the community. Grants will not be awarded to organizations/agencies seeking funding for operational expenses, or to supplement existing services or programs. Grant funds are determined using a percentage of St. Timothy Parish’s total monthly collection for each designated grant month with a maximum grant amount up to $3,000.
  • Outreach Service Component
    The recipient organization sends a representative to St.Timothy Parish to share information about the organization, the project for which the grant has been awarded, how the grant funds will enhance/grow its services, and how it will affect those served. The representative speaks at the end all four weekend Masses, typically the first weekend of the designated grant month, then is available in the gathering space after Mass to provide more information. As part of the celebration of God’s gifts of time and talent, St. Timothy parishioners go forth and minister to those who have needs. Each grant recipient agrees to a one-day Outreach service project that will connect St. Timothy volunteers with the grant organization.  Volunteers can signup after Mass or by contacting the Director of Outreach.

Application Process

  • Applications are available mid-January; dates are announced each year.  Applications are available on the parish website and at the parish office.
  • Applications are restricted to non-profit agencies/organizations located in northern Kentucky. The policies and programs of the applicant should follow the social, justice, and moral beliefs of the Catholic Church; however, the applicant is not required to have a direct affiliation with the Catholic Church.
  • Application must be completed in its entirety and returned with a submission postmark date no later than the deadline specified on the application. Late applicants will not be considered.
  • Outreach committee members will study and evaluate all qualifying applications in accordance with the grant criteria and components. The committee will then make recipient recommendations to the Pastor of St. Timothy Church, Rev Richard Bolte, who will make the final selection of grant recipients for the next year.
  • All applicants will be notified of their status as either a grant recipient or a non-grant recipient in early December by the St. Timothy Parish’s Outreach Minister. Detailed grant procedures will be mailed to grant recipients after status notification.

♦ Contact:  Pat Seuberling (email)   859.384.1100  ext 1113