The Diocese of Covington mandates the textbooks and curriculum that our program must follow.  While we will accommodate as much as possible in the regular PSR classroom, we may need parents to assist with special needs or assign a “faith buddy” for these students. We will make every effort to help and make recommendations so that every child has appropriate modifications. If after a period of time students are unsuccessful in the regular PSR classroom, placement in one of the Special Education classes may be possible (descriptions below).   Parents of children with special needs should indicate the child’s needs on the PSR registration form by July 31 in order to determine how we can work together to build a faith filled experience.

  • Collaborative Class
    This class meets in accordance with the regular PSR schedule. The students in the PSR collaborative class will receive their religious education during the 8:05 – 9:15 Sunday morning class time.  These students will begin class in the regular classroom from 8:05 – 8:20 and then transition to the collaborative class.  Students are picked up by the collaborative catechist and taken to a separate classroom for small group instruction until the end of the class period at 9:15.  There is an application and interview process for families who are interested in this program.
  • Resource Room
    The students in the resource class for students with moderate disabilities will receive their religious education twice a month in a separate classroom.  This class meets in from 9:15-approximately 10am.  They begin their class in the resource room and then transition into Mass with their families when Children’s Liturgy of the Word returns to Mass.  The class begins with an opening prayer and the Sunday Gospel.  The class continues with social stories and then each child completes a lesson. There is an application process for families who are interested in this program.

Deb Thomas (e-mail)    859.384.1100 ext 109
Carol Lense (e-mail)     859.384.1100 ext 104