Parents and confirmed teens are encouraged to get involved as teachers or aides in our programs.
All adult volunteers must participate in the Safe Environment Program.

  • Catechist
    Responsible for instruction and conducting classes throughout the school year.
    Lesson plans, including activities are provided to create a framework and guide for teaching.
    Training and planning sessions conducted periodically to build skills and ability.
    * Free tuition in all religious education programs
  • Co-Catechist
    Share responsibilities for instruction as decided upon with partner throughout the school year.
    *Free tuition in all religious education programs
  • Helper
    Supports the catechist as needed in conducting class and completing creative activities.  May be called upon to substitute if needed.
    Access to all lessons and training.
    *Free tuition in the program volunteering in and ½ tuition for other children in religious education programs.
  • Substitute
    Responsible for substituting as the Catechist, Co-Catechist or helper in the classroom as the need arises.
    *Free tuition in the program volunteering in.
  • Confirmation Agency Adoption Room Parent
    Responsible for helping class and catechist with the Agency Adoption Program in the Confirmation Class.
    Will chaperone and attend the agency field trip volunteer opportunity with the students.
    Help Confirmation Candidates prepare materials for the Christmas Alternative Fair.
    *Free tuition in the Confirmation program.

Contact:  Carol Lense (e-mail)     859.384.1100 ext 104