Each November, parishioners are asked to reflect upon their financial commitments for the coming year and make a specific commitment to weekly offertory giving. Contributions may be made by the offertory envelopes, automatic bank drafts, or credit card payments. Without receiving a commitment card from each household, it is difficult to predict our annual income.  It is our firm belief that through sound planning, we can avoid any financial crisis and preserve our parish’s well being now and in the years to come.  
Parish Offertory Commitment Card

♦ Contact the Parish Business Office   (859.384.1100 ext 115)

Ways to Give

  • Automatic Credit Card Charge through the parish business office
  • Automatic Bank Withdrawal through the parish business office
  • Electronic Fund Transfer, available at most banks. Please contact your bank for setup instructions.
  • Online Giving through WeShare
  • Envelopes, collected during Sunday Mass. Can be set up for weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual payments. Please contact the parish office to request/change envelopes or to receive pledge reminders.
  • Planned Giving Assets such as bequests, life insurance, charitable gift annuities, trusts, or gifts from retirement plans can be transferred to the parish as planned gifts. Please contact your lawyer or parish business manager for more information.

Parish Tithe

Each month, 5% of the total monthly offertory collection is tithed to support our Outreach efforts in the following ways:

  • Monthly grants of $500 are given to the St. Augustine Parish Center at City Heights in Covington and the parish chapter of St. Vincent de Paul.
  • Six months of the year are designated for Diocesan Collections for local, national, and international needs.  The remaining 5% of the parish tithe supports the collection.  There is not a second collection at Mass.  Donations may also be sent directly to the diocese.
  • Six months of the year are designated for the Grant Program.  Up to $3,000 of the remaining 5% of the parish tithe  funds a grant for the organization selected by the Outreach Committee.  Any amount over $3,000 is divided to support our annual mission week and our outreach assistance fund.