Saint Timothy was a close companion of Saint Paul.  Because our parish grew out of St. Paul Parish in Florence, our parish newsletter was named “The Companion” to reflect that relationship.  It strives to be a companion in our journey, offering articles about our parish, our people and our faith to educate, inform and inspire.  It is published six times per year and mailed to all registered households.

Companion-headerIdeas, articles, notices, and photos are welcome.
Contact: Lynn Profitt (email)  859.384.1100 ex 1112

Companion-2024 Mar-Apr
Companion-2024 Jan-Feb

Companion-2023 Oct-Nov-Dec
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Companion-2023 June-July
Companion-2023 Apr-May
Companion-2023 Feb-Mar
Companion-2022 Dec-Jan 2023

Companion-2022 Oct-Nov
Companion-2022 Aug-Sept
Companion-2022 June-July
Companion-2022 Apr-May
Companion-2022 Feb-Mar
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Companion-2020 May-July
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Companion-2017 Mar Apr
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Companion-2016 Oct Nov Dec
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Companion-2016 May June


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